Membership & Subscription Management

Membership Software & Subscription Management System Overview:

The Dashboard offers one the most advanced, powerful and flexible subscription and membership management systems available on the internet today. Not to be confused with simple recurring payment systems, the Dashboard manages complex membership relationships, including automatic product shipments, upgrade structure, renewal periods, grace periods, content permissions based on memberships,targeted email delivery and much more. The Dashboard membership system will automatically handle your membership & subscription offerings, leaving you free to focus on your core business!

Steps to use it:

  • Create a paid membership / subscription offering - whether a members group, magazine / newsletter offering, or anything else that requires date-based, group based offerings
  • Create "Featured Product" group that ship new products to paying customers
  • Offer your own discount group similar to Costco by creating discounts based on membership level
  • Restrict premium content to paid subscribers only, including news articles, photographs, video, message boards, news, content and much more.
  • Manage recurring payments with automation
  • Create affiliate memberships, accessible only to your associates, partners or vendors

The Dashboard Membership and Subscription Management System is designed from scratch to be easily managed by non-technical staff - one person with no HTML or programming skills can efficiently manage multiple, complex paid offerings for tens of thousands of members. Quickly create any number of subscription levels, define durations (1 year, 90 days, etc.), set grace periods,associate products (if any), and create descriptions and default email content. Once you have the basics, you're ready to start selling memberships online or offline!

The Dashboard handles all of behind the scenes housekeeping involved with your subscription offering, including sending reminder emails, expiring memberships, managing content permissions, handling renewals, offering upgrades and much more. Your members manage, renew and upgrade their subscriptions entirely online,dramatically reducing your customer service needs. Full integration with the Dashboard Customer Service System ensures you have full control over your members and retain the flexibility to manage their accounts offline as well as online.

Advanced Focus Features:

Create Different Membership Types

The Dashboard allows you to easily create new membership types, such as Silver/Gold/Platinum, Standard/Professional/Enterprise, etc. Define whether memberships are available for the public, or restricted to selected customers only. Use the to advanced Subscription Management system to build in upgrade structure, renewal terms, trial subscriptions and much more.

Create Customer Groups

The Dashboard allows you to easily create new customer groups, such as Silver/Gold/Platinum, Standard/Professional/Enterprise, etc. Associate these groups with Memberships and enjoy providing protected content, members discoust, store discount, specific offering to paid customers.

Customizable Subscription Periods

The flexibility of the Subscription Management system allows you to define length of subscription, how early a member can renew, custom grace periods and much more. Define automatic reminder emails to be sent at specified intervals relative to early renewal date, expiration date and end of grace period. Mix and match membership types with different subscription periods to provide a broad range of membership options to your customers.

Specify Content Permissions to Memberships

Using the Dashboard's advanced Content Management system, you can easily create new pages and content areas that require pre-defined memberships to gain access based on customer groups. Secure your content at a page level or file system level, depending on your configuration. Manage membership permissions for each page separately.

Automated and Self-serve Subscription Management

The Dashboard handles the bulk of the work of managing a subscription period, but also places all the necessary control in the hands of the member, and total control in the hands of your administrators. Daily processes handle all expiration and notification activities. The member can manage, update, review orders and check membership status online.