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The Dashboard System Enterprise Ecommerce Solution provides a highly scalable, proven Ecommerce, Content Management and Marketing solution to fully integrate with your organization. Why invest heavily in unproven technology, unreliable staff, rapidly obsolete infrastructure and a very risky security situation - especially when that is not your core business? Examine the following cases:

Case 1: Do it yourself

You hire an IT manager for your web operations, who could tell you almost anything and you have to believe him because you really don't know what he's talking about. He recommends tens of thousands of dollars in infrastructure that you may or may not need. If you don't buy everything he asks for, he blames any failure on your reluctance to spend the money. He hires his contractor buddies to build a web application in their favorite technology. Your costs skyrocket. Your system still never seems to be quite good enough. Everything you ask for has a huge price tag. He's an IT guy, not a marketing guy. You seek consultants to market your products and services online. Your IT manager quits. You hire a new IT manager who starts peeling the onion. Guess what? He says the old guy was an idiot. You need everything new. The program has to be totally re-written by his buddies in their favorite technology, which of course requires all new servers. Your business grinds to a halt with constant meetings. Nothing gets done. Nothing works. Your new IT manager quits. Repeat.

Sound familiar? It does to most of our clients.

Case 2: Choose Dashboard

You integrate the Dashboard System into your existing technical infrastructure. For a few months salary of an IT manager, you have a complete, proven system up and running and integrated into your critical business infrastructure. You have a modest quarterly cost that you can count on. You don't pay for upgrades or support. Your critical business functions live on dedicated servers at a tier one, multi-honed, ultra-secure data center with unlimited, uninterruptible data flow. You have virtually every online function you could imagine at your disposal. You have a dedicated account manager and all of Theoratech's expert staff available at your beckon call. They do this all day everyday, and the Dashboard System doesn't quit, it doesn't take vacations or call in sick. With Theoratech's guidance, you hire an Online Marketing Manager who uses the Dashboard System which is designed 100% for non-technical employees. Now instead of an employee who spends your money, you have one who makes you money. Your costs are controlled. The cycle is broken.

Sound nice? We thought so.

Let Theoratech's expert integration team plug the Dashboard System directly into your existing site, a new site, or Theoratech's world-class design team can create one for you. We can integrate with your online or offline business, retail and accounting systems in real-time or on a batch basis. Theoratech will provide your team with a detailed training schedule and unlimited ongoing training, including free monthly training workshops at your nearest Theoratech office.