Content Management System


We are presenting you our Content Management System (CMS), a system for managing content and web sites on-line.

Development of content management system may become a new stage in the life of your website. Our Content Management System (CMS) is a convenient and useful tool for managing content of your site. With the help of this CMS you will create your site in no time and you will be able to make all necessary modifications immediately, as well as to keep data exact and corrected no matter where you are: at home, at your workplace or having rest. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet.

The main advantage of the effective CMS is its ability to allow even technically untrained users to manage the content of their web sites. Our Content Management System (CMS) is designed for web-site owners and IT companies of any size. It is able to do all operations in the content management, such as building, editing, publishing and presentation of your data to the end user.


Content management system (CMS) is a programming product placed on the server, which allows a group of people to create and edit the site content. Using CMS enables you to decentralize the authoring process. You, your editors, operating personnel as well as your clients will have a flexible medium for working with the centralized content. All they need is a PC connected to Internet!

Benefits of using Content management system (CMS).

More effective way of publishing and editing of your content over Internet;

Considerable facilitation of operations done by your content-managers;

Increasing efficiency of your website and users who work on CMS.

Possibility of updating the content of your web site dynamically at any time and in any place.

Possibility of editing the content from several places at once.

Usability. No knowledge of programming languages or even HTML is required.


Do you need efficient content editing, web publishing and website operation? This is achievable only while using advanced techniques and functionally rich solution like CMS!

Our CMS does not require additional software support on the customer part or any knowledge of website designing, databases, HTML or programming languages! Our life time support will maximally decrease the time needed for launching your site. You may operate CMS right after its installation!

Automation and flexibility of the publishing process.

Available solutions for any budget.

Reduction of expenses and time at the stage of launching your project.

Possibility of managing large scopes of information (images, files, videos etc.).

Possibility of administering your site using only your browser.

Our CMS is a easy to setup project. No additional configuring is needed. You may launch your site right after installation of the system.

We provide 24/7 support.

Why Our Content Management System (CMS)?

With our CMS you can right away, without any preparation, work with your site. It is especially important if your site is coupled. You will have full access to the centralized navigation, site map, settings and so on. Also CMS supports such necessary functions as working with mega tags of the site and every separate page, friendly URLs for search engines. In fact the list of all features of the CMS is much wider.

Combination of simplicity and usability

Our CMS is an excellent solution both for non operating employees working with the content and for professional content makers. In CMS we aimed at combining simplicity with comprehensive functionality of the product.

Advanced Core Features

    General Features
  • Browser-based system
  • No HTML knowledge required
  • Web-based control panel
  • 100% PHP, JavaScript code
  • Real-time content management
  • Modularity
  • Building of navigation tree graphs
  • Hierarchical menu
  • Unlimited nesting of pages
  • Creating of hidden pages
  • Creating of protected pages
  • Creating redirects for a separate page and for the site on the whole
  • Automatic generation of a site map
    Page Manager
  • Improved system of building page tree
  • Title for menu, for a browser window, for a page
  • Meta tags for a separate page (if necessary)
  • Hiding a page
  • Creating of redirect
  • Pages' restriction for registered users only
    Site Manager
  • Control panel
  • Global settings for the site
  • Modules management
  • Manager of images and files
    Visual Editor
  • WYSIWYG look-and-feel
  • MS Word-like toolbar
  • Text formatting tab
  • Point-and-click interface
  • HTML edit mode option
  • Pop-up interactive dialogs
  • Web safe color picker
  • Undo / redo option
  • Search tool
  • Automatic publishing
  • Dynamic content updatingr
    Visual Editor
  • Search engine friendly pages
  • Add META tags
  • Define custom META tags for every page

Suggest new feature!

The professional system of content management is constantly improved, completed with new features. In the process of redesign we always consider the requests of our customers, as well as new trends in internet design.

In addition to the standard configuration of our CMS flexible customization to the client's requirements is possible.